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SSA Scholarship Program 2022-23

SSA Scholarships are available for the University of Sindh and Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur across all campuses for bright and deserving students who cannot support their educational expenses. The SSA scholarship award committee will select the most deserving candidates. There will be more than 60 scholarships offered for the year 2022-23 23 each comprised of Rs. 25,000.00/Year - one-off, in the favour of their yearly academic fees, books, and other essential education items.

SSA Approved Program/Degrees for University of Sindh 2022-23 – Morning Only:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • BS in Commerce

  • BS in Environmental Sciences

  • BS in Geology

  • BS in Biochemistry

  • BS in Genetics

  • BS in Biotechnology

  • BS in Biochemistry

  • BS in Chemistry

  • BS in Computer Science

  • BS in Physics

  • Doctor of Pharmacy 5-Years Degree Program

  • BS in Electronic Engineering

  • BS in Telecommunication Engineering

  • BS in Information Technology

  • BS in Software Engineering

  • BS in Telemedicine and e-Health

SSA Approved Program/Degrees for Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur 2022-23 – Morning Only:

  • BS in Archaeology

  • BS in Computer Science

  • BS in Information Technology

  • BS in Geography

  • BS in Physics

  • BS in Biochemistry

  • Doctor of Pharmacy

  • BS in Chemistry

  • BS in Accounting Finance

  • BS in Business Administration

Scholarship Price:

Rs: 25,000/Year


  • Candidate must be enrolled into any of the selected programs/degrees approved by SSA in a Bachelor's degree program at the University of Sindh or Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur

  • Candidates enrolling in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year of their study are eligible to apply for all degrees and 5th Year for the PHARMA-D program

  • Family income shall not exceed Rs.50,000/month

  • Student enrolment should be on a merit basis, no self-finance

  • Student Must secure GPA 3.2 or above in the previous years of study and there shall be no subject failed in the previous academic years

  • SSA may check the student eligibility from the Head of the Department or Chairman/Chairperson of the relevant department or institute.

  • The successful candidate must have paid the fee challan in full

Required documents:

  • Current (2023) Paid challan form

  • Passport Size picture

  • National Identity Card (Front and Back)

  • Provide a character certificate from the head of the department

  • Pay Slip or Affidavit of income or income certificate attested by local council Nazim

  • Electricity Bill of the house address as shown on NIC

  • All previous years' mark-sheet

  • The student must have a bank account in any of the Pakistani banks. How to apply: Please visit the website to fill out the online form and email all the required documents to

No application will be processed without any missing document

Last Date: 23 April 2023


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