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“Who are we“ – SSA Introduction

An agile network of Sindhi’s in Southern Hemisphere, originating in Australia and with its foundations to become recognized nation in & around the Continent of Oceania
Sindhi Sangat Australia (SSA) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization in Australia. The standalone and pioneering Australian Sindhi Organization to help build strong network of Sindhi’s in the region for shared benefits of indigenous Sindhi’s and by embracing socio-cultural values, practices and achievements of a proud nation ...

Sangat's Vision

To serve social and cultural activities and to provide professional and creative platform for the versatile and vivid Sindhi Community for sustainability of our civilization, values, language & literature, arts and music, history and heritage globally and to amicably collaborate with other Sindhi communities around the world for the prosperity and delightful identity of us as a Sindhi 

Sangat's Mission and Target

To provide an Exclusive Platform for Australian Sindhi’s to:

  • Discover and Exhibit their Unseen Potential 

  • Integrate with modern International Trends & Norms

  • Stay focused on our own Values and Customs

  • Work and Cooperate with Individuals and Organizations for human rights, social justice, world peace and cultural tolerance

And to create Social Endeavor for Sindhi Nation to Support:

  • Education and Employment

  • Preservation of Culture including historic landmarks and archaeological sites

  • Deprived areas of & Disadvantaged people of Sindh 

Sangat's Objectives

  • Unite Sindhis in Australia by organizing regular gatherings, to promote a sense of identity among Sindhis of different walks of life 

  • Development of mechanisms to achieve the goals of this organization and by exhibiting heightened sense of responsibilities to the constituencies served and for the outcomes created

  • Promote awareness of social problems of Sindhi society and to create awareness of sustainable participatory integrated development among Sindhi’s and to achieve it through resource mobilization.

  • Strengthening and providing necessary humanitarian, scientific and technological resources to Sindhi’s in the core region 

  • Holding meetings, rallies, cultural shows, parades, seminars and fairs to in an by incorporating novelty of Sindhi Culture

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