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Sindh Flood Relief Appeal Fund Raiser 2022

Dear Community Members,

SSA is collecting donations for the people who have been badly hit by the recent torrential rainfalls and floods following the loss of human lives, livestock, houses, agriculture, and infrastructure in the Sindh province of Pakistan. The recent spell of rain has wreaked havoc across Sindh. People are dying from hunger, house collapse, and unavailability of power, shelter, and medicine. The people are in emergency situations, this is the time to play our part so please donate generously.

You can either donate via the GoFundMe site,

Or you can send funds through SSA's account:

Bank Details: Commonwealth Bank Account Title: Sindhi Sangat Australia BSB: 062-334 A/C: 1147 8401 Reference: SSA Flood RF Address: P8 L3 Bankstown Central Nth Tce Bankstown NSW 2200

The donations will go a long way in bringing relief and reducing the misery of people in the affected areas of Sindh.



Ration bags in 5 rain-affected families of Islam Kot

Sindhi Sangat Australia distributed ration bags in 5 rain affected families of Islam kot with the help of our focal person Ayaz Shar


Rashan Distribution of 15 Families in Purano Goth Karachi

SSA distributed ration bags to 15 rain/flood-affected families who are temporarily residing with their friends & families in Perano Goth Karachi. Many Thanks, Yassen Veesar who helped us with this distribution. SSA is thankful to all our voluntaries who are working on the ground to make this possible


Rashan Distribution at Naushero Feroz for 115 families

SSA with the contribution of our focal person Yaseen Veesar organised Rashan distribution at Naushero Feroz for 115 families. SSA is thankful to all our voluntaries who are working on the ground to make this possible


Medical Camp at Naseerabad

Sindhi Sangat Australia organised a free medical camp. Medical services were provided to 1800 displaced people affected by the rains. Medicines were also provided free of cost.

SSA is very much thankful to Dr. Thakar Das, Dr. Ramesh Lal, Dr. Gulzar Shabrani, and Dr. Kamlesh Kumar for their free services.

The camp was under the supervision of Saeed Ahmed Sheikh.

Among the volunteers: Inayat Tunyu, Sufi Ghafar Chana, Saeed Ahmed Lohar, Sikandar Ali Mirani, Hamid Inqakabi, Sarang Sagari Tanyu, Gulshan Mughiri, Aamir Ali Chenjheni, Sajjad Ali Phalputo, Saddam Hussain, Siraj Ahmed Shabrani, and Yasir Gulzar Shabrani


Rashan Distribution of 32 Families UC Ahmed Pathan Larkana District

SSA is thankful to our voluntaries who are working on the ground to make this possible


Sindh Flood Relief Appeal Fund Raiser update:

Sindhi Sangat Australia is highly grateful to all the participants from all across Australia for attending, providing their input, and for their generous donations.

This is one of the biggest meetings SSA ever had where a large number of attendees joined. This surely shows our genuine solidarity with people in this difficult time.

The outcomes of the meetings are as follows,

1- Successfully formed an independent committee that will be responsible for providing assistance to the affected people. The team is consist of the following members,

- Haq Nawaz Abro - WA - Saeed Talpur - VIC - Yousuf Jokhio - NSW - Asif Bhatti - Queensland - Abdul Khaliq Keerio - ACT - Aijaz Memon - SA

2- All participants pledged to donate a total of $17,200 for Sindh Flood Relief.

3- The ACT Chapter contributed $2500 from the ACT account.

4 - A range of ideas were exchanged to raise funds through businesses, communities, food stalls and community dinners, etc.

So far we have raised the following figures,

GoFundMe Site: $2690 (till 09:30 pm) Direct Credit to SSA Account: $1300 Pledged in Today’s meeting: 17,200

Total $21,190

We are again thankful to all communities for showcasing the unity for this noble cause.


A small effort from Sindhi Sangat Australia WA Chapter. Yesterday, Distributed Tents, Ration bags, and prepared food & plastic sheets in affected areas of Larkana, Ranipur & Qumb.

Thank you to all those who contributed generously.


Sindhi Sangat Australia Executive Committee and Advisors conducted a video call meeting today to discuss various aspects of the current fundraising campaign.

The outcomes of the meeting are as follow,

1- Formation of an Independent Committee that would be responsible for Identifying the highly affected areas, what items to provide and how. 2- The Independent Committee will have a representative from all SSA Chapters. The representatives will not be a part of current SSA Chapters to avoid any conflict of interest. 3- All chapters engage their state community and seek help in raising funds and resources.

Please note another General Public Video Call Meeting to be held tomorrow at 9:30 pm Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra time for all community members to join for further discussions, Suggestions, and Finalising the activities.


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